Don’t Waste Money On An Expensive Service Call For Your Softener or Reverse Osmosis. Instead Get a 13-Point Inspection On Any Make And Model For Only $39.

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It is important to check and maintain your water softener system to keep it running smoothly. Right now, your water system may not be operating at peak efficiency. That means your system could be wasting salt, water, energy and your money.

We’re so confident we’ll be able to help that if we can’t resolve your problem, you don’t pay.

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What Do We Check?

Water Softener Checklist:

  1. Check for hardness at soft hot faucet
  2. Check for hardness at soft cold faucet
  3. Check water and salt level in salt container
  4. Check for salt bridging
  5. Check controls for proper functioning
  6. Check electrical connections
  7. Check salt settings and day wheel efficiency
  8. Check by-pass valve
  9. Check vacuum
  10. Check timer settings
  11. Check tubing
  12. Check safety float
  13. Check for leaks

RO System Checklist:

  1. Check faucet operation
  2. Check condition of housings
  3. Check bladder tank
  4. Check bladder tank pressure
  5. Check condition of o-rings
  6. Check condition of tubing
  7. Check pump operation
  8. Check filters (should be changed annually)
  9. Check membrane (heart of the system)
  10. Check auto shut-off operation
  11. Check production rate
  12. Check product TDS (ppm)
  13. Check for leaks

What Brands Can We Inspect?

  1. EcoWater
  2. Kinetico
  3. Rainsoft
  4. Sears
  5. Lowes
  6. Home Depot
  7. Menards
And many more…
Culligan High Efficiency Water Softener System

What our clients say

Ease of receiving water. Also leased the water cooler and Victor, our Culligan representative was great. He was very friendly, knowledgeable and prompt. Would highly recommend.
Louise Bena
Louise Bena
21:00 31 May 23
Very professional staff, especially Victor my sales rep who helps out with supplies and water, he is very professional and caring about his customers
Patrick Lawson
Patrick Lawson
13:34 18 Apr 23
I purchased an upscale water treatment system two years ago. The salesperson was excellent and the installer was, too. My product worked without fault for two years. I recently renewed the warranty, which includes salt delivery and it's gone without a hitch.
Darrell Watson
Darrell Watson
14:43 11 Apr 23
We have well water and got the water dispenser with the ice maker. The service was great. The installer, Brandon, figured out how to place the drain so that the machine could sit flush against the wall in our laundry room. With the reverse osmosis, the water tastes great and the ice is perfect. No more having to buy bottled water. It's perfect!
William McCartney
William McCartney
15:13 01 Apr 23
LOVE the service and reverse osmosis water delivery in my home. I find myself drinking more water and I’ve recommended the service to many friends and family. My workplace also has delivery service and our customers love it just as much as I do
Michelle Meskill
Michelle Meskill
16:31 30 Mar 23
Culligan of Cleveland is a company that offers exceptional water filtration and reverse osmosis equipment services. It also offers excellent service and a technical installation team that goes above and beyond to satisfy its customers.The water filtering and reverse osmosis equipment Culligan of Cleveland offers are of the highest quality. Their products are built to last and require minimal maintenance, making them an excellent investment for anyone concerned about their water quality.In addition to their top-notch products, Culligan of Cleveland has an outstanding technical installation team. The knowledgeable, efficient, and professional team makes the installation process a breeze. They take the time to understand their customers' needs and ensure that the equipment is installed effectively and efficiently.What sets Culligan of Cleveland apart from other companies is its commitment to going above and beyond to ensure its customers are satisfied. They take the time to educate their customers about their products and services, providing them with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions about their water filtration needs. In addition, they are always available to answer questions and address any concerns, making them a reliable and trustworthy partner for anyone who wants to improve their water quality.Overall, Culligan of Cleveland provides exceptional service. Their water filtering and reverse osmosis equipment is top-of-the-line, and their technical installation team is second to none; they are a company that genuinely cares about its customers and goes above and beyond to ensure their satisfaction. Culligan of Cleveland is the company to choose if you are looking for a reliable and trustworthy partner for your water filtration needs.
Strath Wood
Strath Wood
19:25 28 Mar 23
Great customer service and affordableprices
Crystal T
Crystal T
13:54 28 Feb 23
Friendly and efficient!!
Pattie Savage
Pattie Savage
06:02 25 Feb 23
I’ve been drinking a gallon of water a day, for many years now because of the health benefits, and not having to travel to the store to purchase water several times weekly has been such a huge relief. I only wish I had done this sooner. Thank you Culligan you have made such a difference in my life.
Bonne Turner
Bonne Turner
17:51 15 Feb 23
This company takes great care of their customers. Always on tome with orders or to resolve any issues, which are few.
Pat Phillips
Pat Phillips
23:47 09 Feb 23

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