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Culligan® of Greater Cleveland has been proudly serving the Medina County community for over 80 years.  Our continued presence here has made us well-educated in Medina’s water supply and the problems that it faces.

Since Medina’s water is primarily obtained from surface water sources, it is important to learn how this can affect your water.  Because the water source itself is exposed to open air, it is susceptible to biomaterials, minerals, and microorganisms that may lurk in the water supply. Culligan’s water treatment products can put your mind at ease knowing that your water is safe and soft.

Water in the Medina County region has been known to exhibit signs of gasses in the water supply.  The most common gasses that are reported in the local water supply are hydrogen sulfide gas (rotten egg smell) and methane.  It is important to be aware of the gasses in your water because they may be dangerous in very confined spaces.

Another issue commonly reported in our water is contaminants such as arsenic and bacteria.  You should be aware of this bacteria as they can not only make your water unpleasant to drink, but in extreme cases they could be harmful in large doses.  In addition to bacteria, lead and iron area also commonly found in Medina County water and Culligan offers a full range of solutions to remove these contaminants*. 

Acid water (low pH) is commonly reported by our water specialists in Medina County. This occurs when the pH of the water supply is less than 7.  This can cause a metallic taste, stained clothes, and stained sinks/fixtures in your home, and can also affect your plumbing.

Regardless of where you live in Medina County, whether it is in Brunswick City, Medina City, Wadsworth City, Montville, Brunswick Hills, or somewhere in between, Culligan is here to make sure that the best-quality water is available to you.  All you need to do to get it is pick up the phone and give us a call at (440-345-8463 to schedule your FREE water test today!

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*contaminants may not be in your water

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