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Culligan® of Greater Cleveland has been proudly serving the Geauga County community for over 80 years.  Since we have been present in the area for so long, we are very familiar with Geauga water and the problems that it may cause.

Many of the water issues that Geauga County faces stem from well water.  Since it is a groundwater source, you may experience some of the side effects of hard water – harsh effect on hair and skin, chalky buildup on fixtures, damage to home appliances, and more.  With an average of 15 grains per gallon of minerals in your water, these problems may be all too common.

Another major issue for Geauga residents is the fact that their tap water’s average iron level can be up to 5 parts per million.  This can be a problem because the EPA recommends no more than 0.3 parts per million.

Water’s pH level is the level of acidity in the water supply.  The pH level in Geauga water is typically good, however, Russell Township usually experiences low pH in their water, meaning that it is more on the acidic side.

Another area that is known to have problems is Thompson Township.  It is not uncommon for us to find area water with sulfur-reducing bacteria. The bacteria itself is harmless to drink, but the effect it has on the taste and smell of your water can make the drinking experience unpleasant.  Other harmful types of bacteria found throughout Geauga County include arsenic, fecal coliform, total coliform, and sodium.

Whether you live in Russell, Thompson, Bainbridge, Chester, or Munson Townships or if you live anywhere else in Geauga County, high-quality water is only a phone call away with Culligan of Greater Cleveland. Give us a call at (440-345-8463 to schedule your FREE water test today!

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