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Get Better-Tasting Tea & Coffee in Your Office with a Flavia System

Coffee. It’s what gets your office going in the morning.

It might seem like a small thing, but make no mistake–the quality of the coffee in your office can have a BIG impact.

A whopping 82% of US employees believe an employer who offers a wide array of drink options is an employer that cares about their employees

At the same time, managing office drinks can be a pain in the you-know-what. A full 1 in 3 office managers say that managing office beverages is one of their biggest hassles.

Now there’s a solution. When you outfit your office with an advanced Flavia Coffee System from Culligan, you’ll fill your office with great-tasting coffee drinks–while saving yourself all that work and hassle.

This state-of-the-art coffee system…

  • Brews superior coffee (with no taste transfer)
  • Lasts longer (average 155 weeks between service calls)
  • eliminates office pilfering (since there are no Lavazza home brewers, there’s no point in taking drinks)

Plus, it’s environmentally friendly! Because it’s designed for higher extraction, Lavazza systems create 38% less waste, use 70% less energy, and have a 55% lower carbon footprint compared to other brewing machines.

In a nutshelll, it’s the perfect complement to your Culligan Bottle-Free Water Cooler.

In a nutshelll, it’s the perfect complement to your Culligan Bottle-Free Water Cooler.

The Break Room Will Never Be The Same

Variety on Demand

Crafts perfect coffees, real-leaf teas, lattes, cappuccinos, premium hot chocolate, and authentic espressos in under a minute

Built for the Workplace

Our industrial-grade, low-maintenance brewers are built to stand up to the demands of office life

Unbeatable Taste

Sophisticated brewing process ensures no crossover in flavor from one drink to the next

Authentic Espressos at Work

High pressure brew cycle crafts authentic, full-bodied espresso in seconds

The Only System That Offers Hot & Cold Beverages in One Machine

Your new Flavia Coffee System from Culligan makes more than just coffee. Your employees will be able to enjoy...

  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Cappuccino
  • Latte
  • Tea Latte
  • Espresso
  • Hot Chocolate
  • Cold-brew Coffee
  • Iced Coffee
  • Iced Tea
  • Infused Water

A huge range of blends and brands are available, including Starbucks, Peet’s, The Bright Tea Co., Alterra, Dove, Lacolmbe, and more!

Features and Benefits

  • Single serve coffee and tea, hot and chilled water for maximum versatility
  • Hotter water to cook noodles and soups
  • Multiple cup sizes to brew 6oz, 8oz, 10oz, 12oz, and 14oz
  • Touch pad for easy selection of beverage
  • Sealed controls keep out dirt and liquid
  • Safety lock function eliminates accidental hot water dispensing
  • Removable drip tray for easy cleaning. Height adjustment provides access for multiple size containers

Real Local Reviews

Outstanding service is how we continue to build our business. Here’s a few customers who have made time to write us and show their appreciation.

The best thing about having Culligan Water here at the salon is that, because we so many water drinkers who work here as well as our clients, there is so much less plastic waste......which I am BIG on!!! Our "Culligan Man" is also very polite and helpful.....and the cooler and water costs MUCH LESS than I thought it would!!!
Beauty Zone
Beauty Zone
17:08 10 Apr 24
A great company that cares about their customers.
19:37 02 Apr 24
My family loves Culligans drinking water and it has made getting my kids to drink water so much easier. Plus having the water delivered is so convenient and cost effective you really can't go wrong!
Holly Decker
Holly Decker
13:00 27 Mar 24
Great customer service!
thomas mills
thomas mills
23:00 22 Mar 24
I never have to think about it. You just take care of it on schedule. The few times I did need something off schedule, you were prompt to respond.
Dawn Ketner
Dawn Ketner
18:49 14 Mar 24
Great service, would not switch for anything else.
Jeff Walters
Jeff Walters
13:02 12 Mar 24
I have been a customer of Culligan home delivery since 2013 living in Arizona and have been extremely pleased with the services and convenience. I have the water tank which you just slide the bottle into it from an door you open and insert the tube, which is very good for the older generation.
Jessie Florence
Jessie Florence
16:48 05 Mar 24
I've been a customer since 2018 or so. The experience has been positive for the most part. I admit that I've forgotten to put empty bottles out on delivery days. Nevertheless, the delivery driver will always leave three filled bottles for us, in spite of my forgetfulness. Unfortunately, I forgot again, yet not one bottle was left! When I contacted the office, I was told, "You'll have to wait until the next delivery ten days from now." No alternatives were offered. Yes, it's definitely my fault for not having empties out, but treating long-term customers with such nonchalance makes me think you can afford to lose business.
Adrianne Thomas
Adrianne Thomas
22:19 02 Mar 24
From Tori who took my call to Jon who serviced our unit, the service was absolutely wonderful and very professional. I was so impressed at how easy and friendly the customer service was and how professional things were explained by Jon the tech. I have and will continue to suggest to friends and family to use this specific Culligan service company because of their professional and friendly service. Thanks Team Culligan of Cleveland for another wonderful experience with you!
Ben Pab
Ben Pab
09:05 23 Feb 24
The easiest billing you could ask for. Unlike other water delivery companies where their billings are done from another billing company, these bills are always correct, and you pay for what you get and no more. Their cost is always reasonable, they always deliver on time each month & unlike other water companies they only deliver once a month, so you're not paying for an extra delivery every month.
Michael Daniels
Michael Daniels
14:58 13 Feb 24

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